Panasonic HDC-Z100000 3D MTS in FCP X or FCP 6/7

Owning Panasonic HDC-Z100000 3D camcorder to enjoy 3D movies at home? But do you know how to edit them in FCP X or FCP 6/7?


With the development of 3D technology, more and more 3D camcorders have been produced in digital market. Such as Panasonic HDC-Z100000, Sony HDR-TD30V, or JVC-PX100, etc. Today, let’s chat with Panasonic HDC-Z100000 camcorder and the solutions of importing 3D MTS to FCP X or FCP 6/7. Come on , let’s do it !

  • -Professional-Quality Full HD 2D and Full HD 3D Images
  • -High-Sensitivity 3MOS Sensor
  • -Bright, High-Performance f/1.5 Lens with Nano Surface Coating
  • -5.1-Channel Surround Sound System
  • -True 3D Convergence Control
  • -Glasses-Free 3D from the 3.5" LCD

From above we got some features about Panasonic HDC-Z100000 but we still lack of the recognization of FCP X and FCP 6/7. FCP X and FCP 6/7 are all professional editing software which produced by Apple Company. The most important point is they only support for MOV instead of MTS. In order to make our 3D MTS files accepted by FCP smoothly, should we need something like 3D MTS to FCP converter for Mac?

To know more about 3D MTS converter for Mac, you can download here for a free trial.

Differing from other 2D video converters, this one has the advantage of outputting 3Dvideos and other powerful editing functions. Yes, you can also look it like an easy editor. Here we got some major tips of converting 3D MTS to 3D MOV for editing no matter in FCP X or FCP6/7.

A:When launch 3D MTS converter for Mac, there are three methods to load your videos.
1.Click “File” menu, and select "Add Video/Audio" or "Add from folder" to import source video, audio and image files.

2.Import source files with ‘Add Video’ or ‘Add From Folder’

3.Drag and drop videos, audios and image files to the programe.

The most significant step is coming! Choose’3D Video>>MOV Side-by-side 3D (*.mov)’. Only this one can output your 3D MTS Videos.

B:The following step can show you how does 3D MTS converter look like a little editing program. Click ’Editor’ to choose ‘Trim’ to decide the length of your selected clips, ‘Crop’ to get rid of the black edges, ‘Switch ‘Mode’ to keep original aspect ratio and cropped aspect ratio, ‘Subtitle’ to ass *.srt or *.ass/*.ssa subtitle-files to the video as hard subtitles.

C:Before you start conversion, also you can do some ‘Settings’ with Size, Bitrates or Frame Rate, etc.

Special Reminds here: Though FCP X and FCP 6/7 are belong to Final Cut Pro serious, FCP X has upgraded from FCP 6/7. So there are some differences in importing files.

For FCP 6/7: When you launch the program and get into the main interface, you can click ’files’>>’Log and Transfer’ to correctly load your videos.
For FCP X: It has become easier to click ’import’ button for the first step of editing your videos smoothly.

What’s more, with this multi functional 3D MTS to FCP Converter for Mac, you will have no worries in watching 3D movies at home cinema. Just enjoy yourselves!

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