Premiere Pro CC Import AVCHD from Canon G20?

Any ideas of importing Canon G20 AVCHD MTS files to Premiere Pro CC for advanced editing? Find some solutions in following pages.

‘As a tourist lover, I last month traveled from France to Denmark and took some video clips with my lover---Canon G20. For now, I need to edit these clips and merge them into a short trip movie for watching with my family members. However, it seems that Premiere Pro CC can’t recognize AVCHD videos. I tried a plug-in to Premiere, but is still doesn’t work. Ay one got any ideas? Thanks!’

For a first step, I have to admit that your plan is such a wonderful idea. To make your dreams come true, here we can offer you two main methods of importing AVCHD MTS files to Premiere Pro CC, you can choose any one you like.

Method 1. Import media to Premiere Pro with Media Browser.
Note: You’d better make sure your computer has updated to Mac OS X v10.8 to your attention that Apple has made a change in Mac OS X v.10.8 that changes the way an AVCHD folder structure appears to operating system once imported.

Once your AVCHD folder structure is copied to your computer, you’ll see the item appears in the Media Browser.>>open ‘Private’ package, click the icon on the left of the Media Browser to import your files as normal.

Method 2. AVCHD MTS to Premiere Converter for Mac.---convert AVCHD MTS to Premiere Pro CC most supported formats. MOV, MPG, or WMV.

Load your AVCHD MTS from ‘Add videos’ or ‘Add from folder’, due to the special structure of MTS files, maybe it’s easier to select the second way. Then we’ll go to the ‘Format’ list, ‘HD Video’>>’H.264 HD Video (*.mov)/MPEG-2 HD Video (*.mpg)

Basic editing is waiting here for some advanced users. Go to ‘Settings’ to adjust your personal settings. For example, video size, bitrates or frame rate. Trust me, you can find more here.

It’s so nice an idea to record all the scenery in different countries with your lover---Canon G20. It would be better to make your trip into a movie with AVCHD HD Video Converter. If you are a new user to work with Premiere Pro CC, open here you can get more.


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